Your Pink Dot reflections

Leading up to the first ever night-time Pink Dot on 30 June, I Will Survive is inviting you to shine a light on yourself to reflect on how you have survived through your difficult times, and share it with others:

1. Complete the following sentence: “I will survive because __________”

2. Post it as your Facebook status update, & remember to tag “I Will Survive”.

3. Copy, paste & share this, so that your friends can do the same.

Eg: “I will survive because……. I have my hopes & dreams.”

Alternatively, you can also drop us a line directly through the Contact  page.

On the eve (29 June) of Pink Dot, THREE submissions will be selected to each receive a small Pink Dot plushie! Stay in touch through the Facebook page & website.

Happy reflecting & sharing!

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3 Responses to Your Pink Dot reflections

  1. Ben Bai says:

    I will survive because my legend has yet to begin. I believe everyone has their true dreams, I’m no different. I want my dream to come true and with that I stand strong and tough to see through the fog or haze I face. I will survive, Survive for the dreams and hopes.

  2. Rong Zhen says:

    I will survive because I hope to see my dreams come true 🙂

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