Useful Local Resources for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Communities

No one should ever have to feel alone with the issues or problems they are going through, especially if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning.

Whether it is for yourself, or for someone you’re concerned about, here are some tips for getting connected to community resources:

FINDING out more. Before you join a group, attend an event or sign up for a service, you probably want to find out what you’re getting yourself into. Check out their website to learn what they are doing. Contact them to ask questions. Talk to people who may know more about them.

FEELING comfortable. It might mean trying something that’s new, so you also want to ease your way into it. Maybe you can go with someone you know, or give yourself time to get used to things. You can also let the people in charge know if you have any feedback about your experience.

FRIENDS who are there. Sometimes having friends or other people around you who care enough to notice helps too. Accessing community resources is also a chance to broaden your social circle and getting to meet other like-minded people who share a common interest, like volunteer work, the arts or outdoor activities. Since friends look out for each other, and just as we help friends who may be in need, it’s also perfectly alright to ask for help.

Although far from comprehensive, there exists in Singapore a growing range of gay and gay-friendly resources. These resources are grouped into the following broad categories:

There is a comprehensive list of historical, contemporary, real-world & online LGBT organisations & groups in Singapore compiled here.

Oogachaga has produced a concise guide to LGBT-friendly community resources in Singapore, called “What’s Out Here”. In it you can find listings for:

  • General resources
  • HIV & STI information
  • News groups
  • Online forums and portals
  • Social groups
  • Religious groups
  • Other LGBT-friendly resources

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